Episode 77 - Learn to grow your portfolio to 10,000 units

John Griggs, with Presidium Group in Dallas, owns over 10,000 apartment units. He co-founded the company in 2002.

John and his business partner Cross Moceri, were unhappy lawyers in California when they got bit by the real estate bug. They first started buying, rehabbing, and selling single family homes and four-plex’s in California. They wanted to expand, and after looking into several markets throughout the country, John and Cross decided on investing in Dallas. 1000 units eventually became 5000 units in just a few years. Presidium stayed on the sidelines, during the recession.
At first, Presidium started buying value added ‘C class’, now they are building large new apartments in good areas and still buying value added ‘B class.’
Tips: In a declining market, you don’t want to be the last guy to change your rent structure. You want to meet the market. Don’t keep your head in the sand; keep the building filled!

Keep your property clean with good maintenance during a down turn.
Buy and renovating apartments still works in Texas. Make sure the neighborhood can support the rent bumps after the rehab. Do your homework. 
Getting started in new apartment development was a very steep learning curve. Mitigate your risk with having the best team (bankers, general contractor, architects) on your side.
When buying a building, make sure that you raise more equity than you need too, because you can always give it back to the investors if you don’t need it. Don’t get caught short with capital at the beginning. Contact John at JGriggs@presidiumre.com

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