ASK MIKE MONDAYS - Michael, before I push over a LETTER OF INTENT to the seller’s rep; how in-depth should I go with my lender?

Investors are counting on your underwriting to make a prudent decision to invest with you. How confident are you in your transaction underwriting and loan sizing? Who is checking your math? Before you submit an LOI…and possibly RISK your earnest money and reputation, make sure you speak with an apartment LENDER to have them check your math.

Old Capital Bonus Segment: Command Authority with Lane Beene - “What type of investor do you want to become; DEAL SPONSOR or LIMITED PARTNER; VALUE ADDED or YIELD?”

Lane Beene is with Pilot Properties and owns almost 700 apartment units. This recently retired Lt. Colonel graduated from the US Air Force Academy and flew combat F16’s for over 28 years. Less than 15 years ago, he started with one single family home and turned that into a large multi-million dollar apartment portfolio…all during the time he was serving in the military. He is direct. He is smart. You need to listen to him if you are new to real estate investing.
In this podcast Lane shares his personal journey on how he became a millionaire apartment investor. With a full time and demanding job in the military, he started by educating himself on real estate investing first. He read articles online and listened to podcasts that focused on apartment investing. He began with a limited pot of investable dollars. During this time, Lane began aggressively networking with other investors. He went to many MeetUp’s and real estate net working events. He also joined a local real estate mentoring group. Over a period of time he became confident…that he purchased his first small 23 unit apartment building. One building, became a few and now, Lane owns several apartment buildings. Its not a race…its a journey!

ASK MIKE MONDAYS - Michael, how long does it take to be educated, prepared and confident to become a deal sponsor?

Successful investors send back road maps to folks following them. Michael, discusses some steps that you need to follow. How do you go faster? Having the right mentor can significantly reduce the time it takes to go faster. Learn from educators that have real life experience in apartment investing will help you from making bad and costly mistakes.

Episode 198 - 4th Quarter Loan Officer Roundtable

A fortune cookie once said, “May you live in interesting times!” Today, in the capital markets, we live in interesting times. Your biggest partner in an apartment transaction is the lender. The lender brings to the table about 70-80% of the funds you need to close on your apartment. You want to know what is working and not working for apartment lending. We sit down with the loan officers at Old Capital to discuss all types of lending opportunities. Is Fannie & Freddie still lending? Should you consider a Bridge loan to get higher leverage? Are some syndicators having problems in raising investors money? If rates are going to be low for a while…should you consider an adjustable rate? A great discussion to listen to.

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Episode 197 - Great Story: One woman’s journey leads to unbelievable opportunities for her family

How Jiu was never supposed to go to America. But in an incredible twist of fate during China’s Civil War in 1928, she set sail for San Francisco from Southern China, never to return to her family again. Only 18 years old and traveling under a false identity, How Jiu had to pass a grueling test before she was allowed to enter the United States. How Jiu married and raised a successful family in Northern California. Her journey changed everything in her life and future generations of her family. Just one step made all the difference. How Jiu’s granddaughter, Heidi Fong Young, tells her story and expands on some of the similarities she has with her grandmother. Taking a prudent risk could provide you a better life.

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ASK MIKE MONDAYS - Michael, how can I negotiate with the lender on a PCA report? (Property Condition Assessment)

When you purchase an apartment building, your lender typically requires a PCA. (Property Condition Assessment). The PCA is the eyes and ears for the lender. Yes, the appraisal verifies the value, but the PCA identifies health and safety issues on the property. Can someone get hurt on your property because of the existing deferred maintenance. It also determines the amount replacement reserves that the lender will need to collect with your monthly payment. Michael, discusses items that you need to know within the PCA report.