Episode 194 - Where are LONG and SHORT interest rates headed? Interest Rate Expert, JP CONKLIN with Pensford, explains what commercial real estate investors need to know

JP Conklin, with Pensford, advises some of the largest commercial real estate investors in the nation on where interest rates are headed. He lowers interest rate risk to commercial real estate borrowers by using different hedging strategies. His information is critical for investors to make the correct decision on the right loan product, maturity and risk tolerance. JP discusses falling interest rates and the general impact that it will have on future commercial real estate investing. Are we going to get a half point reduction from the Fed on October 30th? What will happen next year to rates? If you are a general partner, how do you hedge your risk? Should we take a FIXED or ADJUSTABLE rate? Listen and take notes from this discussion; because your limited partners will want to know.

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