Episode 190 - The “Geeks” will inherent the earth. Listening to Multifamily Technologist and Apartment Syndicator Neal Bawa will make you smarter

Neal Bawa is a thought leader in multifamily. This self described “data geek” owns and operates a large apartment portfolio. By using technology and optimization of data, Neal shares what he is doing to create higher rents and a better experience for his tenants. Have you heard of reputation management? How many STARS did your property get? Everyone rates services these days. Restaurants, dentists, auto mechanics and even their apartment experience. Neal discusses the impact your property receives from its online tenant reviews. How do go from 1.5 stars to 3.5 stars and get great comments from tenants? Neal shares outstanding tips on how to improve your reputation. Also, Neal discusses some of the current concerns he has within the apartment industry. Be prepared to take notes.

To contact Neal: multifamilyU.com

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