Episode 183 - Bridge Loans Can Be an Attractive Financing Strategy for Value-Add Investments

For various reasons, not all apartments will qualify for a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan today.
An example could be that current net operating income (NOI) versus sales price does not support a higher leveraged loan amount. Today, borrowers are seeking the right loan structure that can “bridge” them from point A to point B. Bridge loans may be the right financing strategy for value-add investors with a clear plan to increase future property income. Most bank bridge loans will only do low leveraged (60-65%), full recourse, short term loans. Bridge loans are NOT HARD MONEY LOANS. Underwriter John Q. Banker explains how to qualify for a HIGHER LEVERAGED NON RECOURSE REAL ESTATE BANK BRIDGE LOAN when a permanent lender does not offer an immediate solution based on the asset’s current financials, current occupancy and condition. You want to listen to this conversation. John and James go into detail on what is important in bridge lending.
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