Episode 120 - Sven & Rebecca just BOUGHT a 140 unit apartment building and just SOLD a 41 unit building. Listen to the details on how they did it and what was important

Sven & Rebecca Dienst have been looking to fully supplement their current income with investing in apartments. This, husband and wife team, have been self-employed for many years. They were worried that if their business slowed down or one of them became disabled; would they have enough money to live on.
They first invested in apartment education and then formed their acquisition team with a mentor, equity investors, real estate attorney, management company, and a apartment lender BEFORE they started to search for apartments. In the last few years, they have purchased a few apartment buildings. For Sven & Rebecca, apartment investing has become a good alternative to supplement their income.

Episode 119 - More WOMEN NEEDED in Apartment Ownership! Kimberly Radaker, took action, and now owns THOUSANDS of apartment units

Kim Radaker explains how she purchased THOUSANDS of apartment units in the last few years. Kim is a VALUE ADDED buyer. She puts HUMPTY DUMPTY back together again. She acquires physically distressed or poorly managed apartment properties and cures all the problems. She has done a great job and has rewarded the local apartment community and her investing partners with a much better asset. Listen to how Kim took action and is now “knocking it out of the park.” Hey, you can do this, too!

Episode 118 - 2017 Year End Review and “GET IN THE GAME” in 2018

You don’t want to miss this presentation.
Paul Peebles & Fritz Waldvogel will be in Northern California on January 9th to discuss:
“How to you qualify for a FANNIE MAE NON-RECOURSE apartment loan?”
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